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Bob Masse Phish / Gamehendge inspired print

Veteran poster artist Bob Masse's first even Gamehendge inspired print. Bob is completing the image by adding a background to the border. (This will allow the white smoke on the sides to stand out better)

Bob wanted to try to capture a moment in time when Tela, riding a multi-beast, was looking back at Wilson's castle. Was she reconsidering her role as a spy against the allies? Was she really a traitor or was that just a lie Errand Wolfe said to allow her to be removed from his bid for power? Bob wanted to try to share his vision of the landscape of Gamehendge while allowing the viewer to decide what this moment really was.

This should be considered a pre-sale, as the prints will not be shipping for 6-8 weeks. Paypal provides protection for 180 days on your purchase, so please be patient while these are printed and shipped.

Print size = 18" X 24"
Paper - 100 lb stock - white
Print type - Giclee / Digital print (not screen printed)
Limited to 350 copies (The full edition will NOT be listed for sale at this site though. Bob has regular distribution stores that have been requesting a Phish inspired print for many years. He is reserving 150-200 copies for those resources)


  • Image of Bob Masse Phish / Gamehendge inspired print
  • Image of Bob Masse Phish / Gamehendge inspired print